Hi sry I missed this. Don’t know if you saw on Twitter I got out this morning at a ref yld of 4.79.

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Oct 15, 2023Liked by David Cervantes

Thanks for the update.

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Thank DC and good luck

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ty for report do u have opinion on gold? Also what is your stop on Us10y?

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David any view on how retail sales will be hot or cold this Tuesday ? Thanks

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So far so good πŸ‘

1. Banks seem to be ok.

2. Aggregate earnings ok.

3. Forward earnings and

4. Yields remain unanswered yet.

Monday 16 October, a green day for SPX, IMO.

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Thank you David for the present and the following reports!

We do appreciate your efforts to communicate your experience and knowledge to us even when you're extremely busy with the Las Vegas event.

I'm long ES. I believe that the worst part was last Thursday and Friday due to CPI - PCE reading and the ugly 30ys bonds auction.

All the best for your Las Vegas event.

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